ASAP Webinar: Contractor or Employee? How to Avoid Misclassification Violations

Are you confident that you're correctly classifying workers as independent contractors (W-9/1099) or employees (W-4/W-2)? Misclassifications can lead to costly penalties and the guidelines aren't always clear. In fact, 10-30% of employers misclassify workers as independent contractors.

If you're involved with hiring, watch this informative webinar presented by employment law attorney Michael Santo. A cofounder and partner with Bechtel Santo & Severn in Grand Junction, Colorado, Michael was lead counsel in a 2014 Colorado Supreme Court case that assisted employers by requiring a more thorough analysis of independent contractor factors during an audit. In other words, Michael knows his stuff.

In this webinar, Michael outlines key factors for determining worker classification to help you avoid violations. He also answers questions on how to fix classification errors, as well as how to classify event and staffing service workers.